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Mission   Organization Vision

We will provide total solutions to our global clientele with superior product information, seamless buyer experience and best in class service support to fulfil their diverse requirements of Industrial Blades with lowest lifecycle costs.


To be a global leader in the design and manufacture of Industrial Blades with cutting edge innovations and production standards which set international benchmarks of excellence.



LABOUR CRAFT PRIVATE LIMITED was established in 1954 in ‘The City of Joy’ Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta), the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Popularly known as the 'Manchester of the East', it has been a hub of engineering for more than a century, famous for  forming, forging, welding, casting, milling and machining excellence. Engineering Colleges of the city have churned out generations of engineers who are master craftsmen in their respective fields. It is from this proud legacy and tradition that we were born and have been at the forefront of manufacturing impeccable industrial blades for the past 66 years!

Working closely with original machine manufacturers and reputed engineering institutes helped us fabricate blades of international standards and specifications for original machine manufacturers. Our services have constantly evolved with continuous R&D to suit the customised demands of our customers. Our blade fabrication started with one important question, “What does the end user look for when they buy a blade?” With unmatched quality, increased tension free running life, ease of fitting and removal, we were able to add the very important quotient of Best in class Economy from purchase to lifetime usage.

As the pioneering manufacturer of blades for the leather industry, we earned the benchmark of being the most respected and reputed name for “Tannery Blades in India”. With constant innovation and R&D,  Labourcraft is today one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial knives catering to tanneries, rubber, cork, coir, leather goods, shoe, foam, laminate, paper, textile and other several other user industries. 

We deliver excellence in areas of leather Shaving, Fleshing, and Splitting. Accessories provided with our blades ensure optimum performance and longer blade life. High quality raw materials, precision manufacturing instruments, technical knowledge, skilled workforce, constant research and development, total quality controlled processes, have enabled us supply highly economic blades which constantly deliver outstanding results.

Being a reputed exporter to diverse clientele across the globe, Labourcraft has also replaced the need for import of industrial knives in India by domestic user industries to a very large extent. For its invaluable manufacturing achievements and services to Industry, we are recipients of ‘Certificate of Excellence’ awarded by the Government of West Bengal, India.


Labourcraft - cutting edge legacy in Industrial Blades.