Leather Shaving Blades

Shaving is one of the steps in crusting operation after splitting where the flesh side of the hide is shaved to make it attain its uniform desired thickness. The shaving operation is done on a Shaving Machine where Spiral or Helical Shaving Blades or Shaving Strips, fitted on a cylinder is rotated at high speed against the flesh side of the hide to remove the unwanted lees to help the hide attain its uniform and desired thickness.

Leather Shaving Blades (or Strips for Shaving Cylinder or Shaving Strips) are used in tanneries for processing of semi-finished hides. Labourcraft is the first company in India manufacturing these Spiral Blades since 1954 for processing of raw hides to help them to attain desired uniform thickness.

Material Composition: The Leather Shaving Blades are manufactured from alloy steel with customised composition and specification. These Spiral Blades are supplied to a large number of tanneries around the globe. Special processes of heat treatment and formation of steel provide the blades with optimum hardness, lowest tolerance and longer knife life. 

Quality Control: With over 6 decades of experience in this field, our Leather Shaving Blades ensure complete customer satisfaction and adhere to international standards of quality.

Stringent in-house quality checks and control is maintained through all steps of the manufacturing process, from choosing of the raw material to fabrication of the finished product. This ensures strict adherence to international standards and matching fitment with machine and cylinder specifications of original and refurbished equipment manufacturers. 

Manufacturing Process: Shaving Strips are manufactured in CNC machines by an expert team of technically sound and experienced professionals maintaining highest precision and consistency. Our shaving blades are crafted to shave leather of any thickness in wet, dry or blue chrome conditions which ensures the highest quality of leather is achieved. Perfect Shaving can be performed without any unwanted marks on the precious skins and hides. 

Types of Leather Shaving Blades: Full Hard, Centre Soft and Front Hard Leather Shaving Blades are manufactured by customising the manufacturing process. Their recommendation and usage depend on the type of hides, environmental conditions and the thickness of skins.

Types of Shaving Blades or Strips for Shaving Cylinder

 Parameters of Shaving Strips: We manufacture shaving blades or strips according to the parameters and as per specification supplied by machine manufacturers, refurbishing agents or customers.

Shaving Blades or Spiral Strips for Shaving Cylinder

Parameters & Description Range
Total Working Width
It is the functional Length of the cylinder measured parallel to the central axis of the cylinder. Total Working Width also indicates the size of the Shaving Machine. From 300mm to 3500mm
Length of the Blade or Length on Cut
It is the length of the right or left hand side blade. The cylinder has right-handed and left-handed grooves cut into it. The right-handed grooves fits the blades of right hand windings and the left-handed grooves fits the blades of left hand windings. Though, Length on Cut should be half of Total Working Width, it exceeds by a small amount. This takes care of overlapping blades in the centre of the cylinder as well as ease of fitting. From 200mm to 1850mm
Number of Blades
The number of blades fitted on the left or right hand side grooves. They are equal. Shaving cylinders of the same working width, diameter and pitch may have different number of grooves cut in each side of the cylinder. As per cylinder specification
It is the distance from one point of the groove to the next corresponding point of the same groove measured parallel to the axis. The pitch of the blade matches the pitch of grooves of the cylinder. Pitch depended on the cylinder specification of the original or refurbished machine manufacturers. From 254mm to 528mm
Inner Diameter of the Cylinder or Diameter at the Bottom of the Groove
The diameter of the original cylinder without grooves is the Outer Diameter of the Cylinder. Grooves are cut in the Outer Diameter of the Cylinder. The new diameter thus formed, by measuring at the bottom of the grooves, is the Inner Diameter of the Cylinder. This is an essential measurement to fabricate the blades that fit in the bottom of the groove. Inner Diameter of the Cylinder or Diameter at the Bottom of the Groove is specified by original or refurbished machine manufacturers. From 106mm to 300mm
The thickness of the blade at its outer diamter is less than the thickness of the blade at its inner diameter. This trapezoidal cross section aids in better cutting action during shaving. From 1.8mm to 2.8mm
The functional region of the blade has a uniform hardness. However, the hardness of the blades near its inner diameter is less than the rest of the blade. It ensures ease of removal during the process of reblading. 62 HRC
Type of Blade
We manufacture Full Hard, Centre Soft and Front Hard Fleshing Blades. All types perform smooth shaving operations but its usage is based in environment, type and thickness of hides. Based on our recommendation

Research and Development: Constant research and development ensures ease of fitting and removal, increased life, hazard free operation, least fleshing cost per hide and above all – complete customer satisfaction. 

Life of the Leather Shaving Blades: The life of these blades is a function of hours of daily operation, quality of hides, tanning process, environmental conditions and operator’s experience.

Industry: The Leather Shaving Blades are used in leather processing units or tanneries that produce funished leather. It is also used sometimes in leather goods manufacturing units that need to reduce the thickness of leather as per their requirement.

We manufacture leather shaving blades for all leather shaving machines both new and refurbished manufactured across the globe. Our blades run perfectly on machines by Aletti, Turner, Flamar, BMD, BUKE, Svit, Moenus, Gozzini, Rizzi, Stehling, Traud, Mercier, Alpe, Mosconi, Poletto et al.

Guarantee: Our blades are backed by a 100% guarantee against any manufacturing defects. We are committed to our tradition of commitment and trust built for over six decades with our industrial clientele across the world.

Packaging: The blades are packed in wooden boxes and shipped as per instructions received from our customers.

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