Splitting Band Knives

Splitting Band Knives are extensively used in tanneries, footwear, leather goods, paper, foam, rubber, cork, laminates, textiles and several other industries. 60 years of experience in this field helped us in fabricating blades of the highest quality ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. These blades are also referred to as Splitting Knives or Bandknives.

Bandknives are manufactured from steel with customized composition and specification. Only the best steel from renowned Swedish manufacturers are used to fabricate these blades. The entire procedure ensures consistent quality, optimum hardness, zero vibration, lowest tolerance and longer knife life. Pre and post sale services coupled with wide distribution network helped us to handle logistics with ease. Intense focus on customer satisfaction and co-operation with machine manufacturers has helped us to fabricate blades that meet the highest standards of quality.

The quality of Splitting Band Knives is never compromised. The blades are processed with the help of technically sound professionals, automated machines and technical knowhow developed over the years. It has further helped us to develop and deliver Splitting Band Knives at most competitive prices. Consistency has always been our motto and excellence is our goal; with an honest effort to turn the dreams of our customers to reality.

The length (also referred as circumference) of the blades vary from 2000mm to 14000mm. The tolerance along the length for the blades manufactured is +/- 10mm.

The width of Splitting Band Knives manufactured by Labourcraft vary from 8mm to 100mm. The tolerance along the width for the blades manufactured is +/- 2mm.

The blades have a uniform Rockwell Hardness of 46 +/- 1 HRC.

The tolerance along the length is 1mm, along the width is 0.1mm and along the thickness tolerance is 0.01mm.