Leather Shaving Blades

Leather Shaving Blades, Manufactured from steel with customised alloy specification, find its way to a large number of tanneries around the globe. Special processes of heat treatment and formation of steel provide optimum hardness, lowest tolerance and longer knife life. Extensive in-house quality checks reinstates the quality of the blades.

Variances in manufacturing process has helped to develop Full Hard, Centre Soft and Front Hard Blades. Their recommendation and usage depends on the type of leather, tanning process of hides and thickness of skins.

Total Working Width rages from 300mm to 3200mm.

Pitch and Diameter of the Blades depends on the cylinder specification of the original or refurbished machine manufacturers.

Thickness ranges from 1.8mm to 2.2mm. The thickness is more at the bottom for a better cutting action.

The blades have a uniformRockwell Hardness of 62 HRC. However, the hardness of the blades near its inner diameter is much less. It ensures ease of removal during the process of blade changing or reblading.