Leather Fleshing Blade

Leather Fleshing Blades are primarily used in tanneries for processing of raw hides. These blades although look alike its counterparts, Leather Shaving Blades, differ in functionality and specification. Labourcraft has been manufacturing them since its inception in 1954. It is the first company in India manufacturing these Spiral Blades for processing of raw hides. With over 60 years of experience in this field of fabrication, the Leather Fleshing Blades ensure complete customer satisfaction and adhere to all standards of quality.

Leather Fleshing Blades are manufactured by a team of technically sound and experienced professionals with the aid of automated computer controlled machinery. It helps to maintain the quality of precious hides and skins. Consistency has always been our motto and excellence is our goal; with an honest effort to turn the dreams of our customers to reality.

Total Working Width: Fleshing Blades are manufactured for total working width of fleshing machines from 1200mm to 3300mm.

Pitch and Inner Diameter: Pitch and Inner Diameter of the blade depends on the cylinder specification specified by the original or refurbished machine manufacturers. 

Thickness: The blades are manufactured in thickness ranging from 2.2mm to 2.8mm. The thickness is more at the inside of the helical spirals than at the outside for a better cutting action. Blades for fleshing sole leather or belt leather have higher thickness than blades used to flesh leather for the manufacture of leather goods.

Hardness: The blades manufactured by Labourcraft have a uniform Rockwell Hardness of 63 HRC. However, the hardness of the blades at the inside of the helical spirals is much less compared to the hardness of the same blades at the outside. It ensures ease of fitting and removal during the process of blade changing or reblading.

Quality: Intensive inhouse quality checks are carried out at every stage of manufacturing of the blades. It ensures ease of fitting and removal, vibration free operation, longer knife life and above all preserving the quality of the precious hides and skins.

Packing: The blades are loaded in wooden boxes, fumigated and shipped to various destinations across the globe.

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